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For Sellers 

We believe in launching your home, not simply listing it. When you partner with Shane Herbert, you can expect a customized approach and detailed marketing plan that ensures we reach the right prospective buyers and close at a price that leaves you gratified with the transaction.

Before your home goes on the market, we work to prepare the property and initiate the sales plan. This includes but is not limited to:  cleaning and staging the space, obtaining outstanding photographs of the property, building a Web presence, and placing precisely-targeted advertising ­– locally, nationally, or internationally as best suits your sale. 

An experienced Shane Herbert agent attends all showings of your listing and takes full responsibility for your home's presentation and marketing. We will update you on buyer feedback and make suggestions to facilitate negotiations and a smooth closing process. 

Shane Herbert also welcomes the opportunity to connect you with proven professionals around the globe who can assist you with purchases and sales in markets outside of Park City.

Simply put, we want to be there for you every step of the way.


For Buyers 

Congratulations on your decision to buy in beautiful Park City. As residents, we love that our neighbors here have all chosen to be part of this sophisticated-yet-unpretentious community. Newcomers continue to add to its vibrancy, so welcome! 

Shane Herbert associates are long-time Park City citizens with encyclopedic knowledge of its real estate inventory and possibilities. As your buyer-agent, we will tailor our search to your individual taste and budget. We routinely consult remotely with buyers and agents from other states and countries; the Internet and our caring approach work wonders. 

We look forward to helping you find your Park City dream home. Please also consider us a resource for trustworthy referrals to global professionals who can assist you with sales and purchases in other markets.


For Developers 

At Shane Herbert, we admire the passion that developers bring to real estate. It takes courage and confidence to embark on a brand new project. We understand and appreciate the risks you take, and offer you the sustained enthusiasm required to see a development through to successful fruition. 

When developers partner with Shane Herbert, they can expect to be listened to and to be understood. We know what goes into a quality project and can help articulate that value proposition to prospective buyers. We can differentiate levels of craftsmanship, luxury finishes, artisan workmanship, and all those little details that add up to big benefits for a homeowner. 

Our agents' track record in Park City speaks to the service and care we bring to everything we do. We look forward to learning how Shane Herbert can help you.